According to the Better Business Bureau (who by the way have given us a rating of A+), they recommend that you look for a few factors when choosing a Denton, TX  residential roofing company. Since we’ve been in the business for several years now and have installed a variety of roofing systems or provided roofing repair to many people, we want you to avoid making the mistake of choosing a company that can only offer a low price. You really need a company that has the track record, the experience, and the manpower to get your job done as quickly as possible, especially if you’re in an emergency situation. So please read this entire page before you hire any residential roofing companies in Denton, Texas.

How Do You Pay For Roofing?

One of the first factors you must look into when hiring a residential roofing company is whether they’re licensed and insured to do the work. Here at DiNello Contracting, we have a verified track record where we’ve given excellent service to clients who need work with apartment roofing, multi-family roofing, or who need a commercial roofing contractor. And unlike other Denton residential roofing companies, we will be sure to properly inspect your home or business without any money upfront. In fact, it’s standard in our business to only pay a third after you’ve accepted our detailed estimate. You won’t have to pay in cash either as checks or credit card are what we take, and you’ll never have to pay everything up front. We will never rush you into signing anything or paying for anything until after all the details are sorted out, and you never should.

What This Roofing Company Has To Offer

Nearly every job we’ve handled in roofing contracting has been at least a little bit different from any other job as the damages come from a variety of places like the weather or a botched job that was performed previously. A lot of our work should be done by those trained to do so for your own safety as well as to ensure your roofing holds up for a very long time. DiNello Contracting is able to handle a wide variety of jobs such as metal roofing installation, shingle roofing installation, tile roofing installation, tar and gravel roofing installation, as well as duro last roofing and other modified roofing installation. We are also established as a trustworthy asphalt roofing company and flat roofing contractor too. So if you’re ready for our team to inspect your home or business, please contact us soon!